TAC Lens

Only high quality sunglasses offer a multi-layered polarized lens. All Earth sunglasses are polarized using the cellulose triacetate polarization process (TAC). The multi-layer composite meets the requirements of the international standard along with the sunglass lens UV 400 standard. As a result, these sunglasses fully protect your eyes. 


The first polarizing layer is the core of the lens. If lenses contain 99% of the polarizing effect, the absorption of glare is at a maximum level. The second and third layers are stronger as they resist bending and a fairly high degree of impact. The fourth and fifth layers are the main UV absorbing layers; 99% of the UV radiation is absorbed. The further layers provide shock-resistant protection as the layers increasein strength. The scratch resistant feature also increases the life of the lens. TAC polarized sunglasses are very effective in strong, reflective and stray light. Light rays run parallel through the lenses. Glare from water, pavement and snow are of no concern making the landscape appear clear and soft.


Deckor sunglasses are distortion free. The lenses are ultra-light, adding more comfort besides the high degree of stability and protection they offer. Deckor sunglasses are superior for fishing, boating, driving or other glare-intensive activity besides all around use.