What is Deckor?

Deckor is trending with the wood frenzy, unique wooden sunglasses and soon to launch Outdoor Equipment with unbeatable quality. This brand is sure one you won't forget.


We Love Our Customers

"I love these sunglasses because of how unique each pair is. The wooden look is so different from any other pair of sunglasses I have. They are super light weight and go with everything. They fit your face perfect and never fall off! I'm excited to see and purchase new products from Deckor Limited!"
- Alyssa
What can you really say about Deckor Limited Sunglasses other than that they are truly AMAZING sunglasses. Sturdy, lightweight, awesome fit, great craftsmanship and the look and styles are incredible. I LOVE my Deckor Limited Sunglasses. Whatever pair you get, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Justin and your team for an awesome product.
"By far my best pairs of glasses I've ever had"
"The polarized lens and exclusive wooden frames make for a comfortable pair of glasses that you will want to wear every sunny day!"
"I love the Deckor limited shirts! They are light weight and very comfortable to wear! I will defiantly keep purchasing items off of Deckor!!"
"I absolutely love my Deckors!! Everytime I wear them people ask me where I got them. They are also very lightweight which makes wearing them all day a very comfortable thing."
"I've owned Deckors since they first came out and I now have 3 different pairs! They are unique in style and aren't like any other sunglasses out there. Polarized and stylish!...Now that the black shadows are coming out I'll have to get a fourth pair! Great service, great company!!"